Thinx “Period Underwear” Review – Taylor

  • July 24, 2017

When I first heard about Thinx it was from the Facebook ad with Mila Kunis. After reading up on it and all the reviews I thought of how awesome this product would really be if all the reviews were honest and real. When we were asked if we wanted to participate in a Thinx Before & After I was pretty excited actually. I really hoped that I would find them just as great as everyone else online. I was, of course, a little skeptical that they would be able to prevent leaks all day, as when using tampons I’ve had many incidents of leaking through to my underwear (really quite awful – ruining many cute pairs in the process). Also, I wasn’t too sure how flattering these underwear would be – are they going to be ugly? or thick like a pad? I personally hate pads and have always used tampons pretty well since day 1. I hated the feeling of wearing a “diaper”. Just not nice.

When I looked through the site I chose the “cheeky” pair of Thinx – these are classified as for your “light” days: 1 tampon worth. I didn’t think I would bother with anything higher/heavier as my period (even on the 2 heaviest days) isn’t ever all that intense. I chose black over beige as I also didn’t know how beige would hold up if leaking occurred (later found out they actually have black material over the period area – makes sense!). I took a look at the sizing chart they have on their website, measured my hips, and found myself in the “small” category. I’m well aware of how terrible sizing can be during online shopping.. I just hoped that this company held true to their sizing measurements.

As the products arrived for all of us, I was very excited to try mine. First thing I did when I received mine was try them on. The fit was perfect! Snug but not uncomfortable – didn’t feel like a pad at all! So happy. They honestly just felt like a normal pair of underwear with the tiniest bit more fabric in the period area. They were nice and silk-like smooth too. I was (for once) actually looking forward to my next period so I could try them out!

I decided to wait until I was in the heaviest days of my period to wear them. When that day came I happened to be out working a 10 hour day in a mostly standing atmosphere. That morning I put the Thinx on around 10:00 am and wore them ALL day – until about 8:30 pm that evening. I have to say.. this product held up so well. So much better than wearing a tampon. First couple hours that went by I really couldn’t tell I was wearing much more than normal underwear. SO comfortable and easy to move in. I obviously noticed the period coming through onto them, but there was no odour or feeling like it was going to leak through to my shorts – in fact, the other side of the Thinx felt absolutely dry. I had no worries all day of leaking or of needing to change my tampon or of having the string of the tampon come out my shorts (I have had that happen before and have been mortified). Truly, these Thinx are a wonderful product. It wasn’t until 8 pm that evening, TEN hours since I had first put the Thinx on, that when I used the washroom I noticed any sort of metallic odour –  that before, if wearing a tampon, I would have noticed much earlier in the day. These Thinx people seriously rock.

I don’t know how they did it.. but I seriously am considering buying enough Thinx pairs to last me my entire period – forever! And since apparently the average woman will use up to 17,000 tampons in her lifetime – this product seems like the best way to save in cost AND waste. Not to mention the relief of knowing you’ll never ruin a cute pair of underwear again.


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