Thinx “Period Underwear” Review – Jaysa

  • July 24, 2017


When asked to try this unknown Thinx “period underwear” I was intrigued by the concept, and possibly genius creation. After looking into the company, I really liked their blunt outlook on helping women feel comfortable during a pretty uncomfortable time. I thought Thinx had a great selection of underwear styles to meet each woman’s needs, in black and neutral tones, both lined with black material on the inside. I liked that they made a point of celebrating the process, while still tackling the issues that each woman can face during menstruation.

The underwear are supposed to be 1) moisture wicking 2) anti-microbial 3) absorbent 4) leak-resistant, which all sounded amazing. The concept of not having to buy pads, tampons and pantyliners again was enough to get me onboard, I just wondered how effective the product would be in terms of moisture wicking and whether it would feel like underwear does when you have a leak during your period – wet, cold and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, I ordered a medium black thong (recommended for the lightest day) to see if these underwear could be my new greatest discovery of 2017.


The underwear came in a simple and unique package with a little explanation of it’s purpose and care instructions.

I was immediately impressed with the silky smooth, high quality material used and the simple, yet elegant, design – the band being a slightly see through stripped pattern.

The care instructions were what I expected to be needed, to maintain the effectiveness of the product – rinse them before washing, avoid bleach and fabric softener, and hang to dry. While some women might be grossed out for having to rinse their period filled underwear out first, the concept felt no different than the many times I’ve had to spot clean from accidental leakage. I also personally don’t use bleach or fabric softener so that wasn’t a problem. I did however put them in the dryer for a few minutes on low and then hung them to dry as instructed (all delicates should really be hung to dry to maintain their quality). I also know of some women who care for them in the complete opposite way that I do and it has not “wrecked” the product – I’m not sure if that will affect the durability in the long run though.

Since the product is such high quality, I can see them lasting for a few years. On that note, I think their price point is very reasonable when you factor in you’re buying a pair of high quality underwear (that can still be worn after the effectiveness has ceased), they’re environmentally friendly, and your day will be “product changing free” as well as stress free.

Now to the effectiveness… I wore the thong style on my heaviest day, which is fairly light compared to other women, and I will say that while it succeeded in moisture wicking, being anti-microbial, and absorbent (not to mention odour free), I was not completely leak free (due to my own error of trying the lightest day recommended underwear on my heaviest day- hey I was curious to see how it would hold up!).

Sooo what does this mean? The underwear completely lived up to what it claimed, and I’m excited to try a more appropriately suited pair for my “heavier days” while keeping the thong style for my lightest days (which it is accurately advertised for and I fully anticipate will be leak free on those days).

I would 110% recommend Thinx underwear for all women, it really is a game changer.


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