Manitoba School suspended indefinitely

I know that an indefinite suspension of school took some by surprise although I’m sure most saw it coming even if they were hoping for a quick return.

I know that many are wondering how it will work, how they will manage, how they will cope.

You will.

This is new for all of us, precedent setting and neccessary. We HAVE to do the best we can to protect our communities, neighbors, AND our children. We are fortunate that we need to do so little to protect the health and lives of our children. Millions of parents across the globe would kill for the opportunities and inconvenience we are now facing here in Canada.

Remember that.
Perspective is important.
Teach it to your children.

This isn’t just a derailment or change of our regular routines and lives, it is a whole new normal. And as much as it has derailed us, it has also derailed our children and they will be watching us to learn how to cope with it.

It is was it is. There is no choice so how will we teach our children to react to, accept and adapt to changes beyond our control whether we like them or not? Will we fight the unwinnable? Argue? Yell? Scream against unfairness and inequity? Will we lay blame at everyone’s feet knowing a disease is to blame and we are all just trying to adapt? Will we complain and whine knowing it will change nothing?

Or will we lead our children by example and say, ‘well it is what it is, so let’s make the best of it!’

Our children are watching, listening and learning. More than reading, writing and arithmetic, right now they are already learning their most important life lessons… how to adapt and overcome adversity.

What are you teaching them?

Michelle Budiwski


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