Forget lowering the PST… feed the children!

What’s so wrong with making parents work to feed their own children??? Why should tax dollars be used to feed kids at school? It’s not our responsibility, it’s their parents!!!

Well Mr. Pallister, let me explain it to you in terms you will understand…

Yes we should provide parents with supports and opportunity for employment if they are having trouble supporting themselves so they can be financially independent, I look forward to seeing these strategies implemented but planning, implementation and results take time. In the meantime children go hungry.

Or their parents can’t or won’t be responsible for their children’s wellbeing so children go hungry. Because of the life choices or circumstances of their parents, through no fault of their own, children go hungry.

Hungry children do very poorly in school which means lower education ability and eventually lower income earning potential and poverty. Poverty causes social problems, justice problems, rises in addictions, crime and mental illness…creating even more expensive long term social problems and justice costs.

And these children grow up to become their parents and have children of their own. The cycle continues.


I’ve taken the humanity out of why we don’t let children go hungry and turned it into fiscal policy. Terms our provincial government may understand.

We know you have the money, you just cut the PST and are incorporating boutique tax breaks. I’ll gladly keep paying 7% even on my salon visits…


Michelle Budiwski

#feedthechildren #peoplebegoreprofits


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