Dear Teachers…Godspeed

As schools across Canada and here in Manitoba look to reopen in just a few weeks, parents and teachers alike are expressing great concern over the government’s plan on educating through the¬†#Covid19¬†pandemic.
Many parents are looking at alternatives to public school, myself included and for our family, the government’s lack of response to safety and education concerns returning to the classroom are just one of the many reasons we have decided to permanently home-school our three children.

Covid19 has shone a light on the deficiencies of our public school system, our education has been in crisis for years and now more than ever we need our leaders to address that crisis and ensure that our educators and children get the supports they need to provide a solid educational foundation for our future. Will they? They haven’t yet and I am done waiting.
I have lost faith in a school system that no longer values education.

My heart and thoughts are with the teachers that have dedicated their lives and careers to helping children learn and are now stuck in a system and situation that doesn’t support them and hasn’t for a very long time.

As they return to work in just a matter of days to face this uncertain new year I have one message for them all…

Dear teachers… Godspeed.


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