City of Brandon extends paid leave for Rod Sage while under RCMP investigation

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

As an employer, City Council has every right to terminate Rod Sage, not for criminal activity as he’s been neither charged nor convicted of any, nor for mere ‘bad press’ as the Brandon Sun is trying to minimize this scandal to be.

Rod Sage through his own words and actions has brought a level of distrust to not only his own character and position but to his employer. Any of us embarrassing our employer (The City) nationally and having our clients (in this case the taxpayer) question our and their integrity would be terminated.

Even if Rod Sage was completely oblivious to the ongoing in his own home (which questions his competence for his high level position), he had illegal drugs and known criminals in his home or at least using his address as their place of residence. Police searched his home for illegal weapons. A woman associated with him, living in his home, DIED under questionable circumstances…

For any of us these actions would bring our judgement, character, ethics into question, enough so that no employer would want us representing them.

This isn’t about ‘Bad Press’ or ‘Fear of Litigation’ as the Brandon Sun editorial is trying to downplay or justify.

A man who has earned $200,000 of tax payer money in a single year is still collecting a paycheck for doing nothing but bringing shame, doubt and question to the City of Brandon and its elected officials.

They could have choice to fire him for losing their trust and used his salary to fight a potential wrongful dismissal suit if it became neccessary in order to restore the public’s faith in their own integrity.

Or if they are that afraid to take a stand, leave without pay.

But instead they chose to continue to defend his actions with a paycheque even after the people who hired them, The City of Brandon question their action in doing so…and they refuse to speak about it.

The old boys club protecting one of their own? Cowardice? Complicitness? Incompetence?

I’m thinking that they all hope the voters in Brandon will just forget about this whole mess come election time.

Will you? I won’t.



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