Average Joe’s Notes on the CFL

  • July 27, 2017

The CFL season is officially around the quarter mark through this 2017 season! Around these parts there are still lots of questions to be answered, such as what’s happening with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers offense? Weren’t the Saskatchewan Roughriders supposed to be winning more this year?

Well firstly, let’s look at Winnipeg, they’ve so far had an ok schedule, battling aforementioned Saskatchewan in week one, in what was a very entertaining and in my opinion one of the best games in the CFL this year. Mistakes were made by both teams during the game that needed overtime and ended by a Justin Medlock 28 yard field goal, after Tyler Crapigna missed a field goal from maybe just a bit more range. After that Winnipeg has lost to 2 of the league’s best teams, an elite group that the Bombers themselves want to be a part of, Calgary played them week 3 with Calgary winning 29-10 outscoring them 20 points to zero in the second half. After a fairly defensive/mistake filled first half, Winnipeg needed to bring more of that energy and flair into the second half, alas they didn’t and we see the result. They followed this game up with a win against the Toronto Argos, before losing and going back to .500 to the BC Lions.

Up next we have Saskatchewan, Chris Jones is doing his best to assure that the purge he brought to the team over the off-season will pay off. So far as their 1-3 record suggests, it hasn’t. But this is the CFL after all, will the Riders be able to bounce back and make it to the playoffs and Grey Cup glory? With Kevin Glenn being number one quarter back, you have a very experienced and good QB, but he’s never won that big game.

So there you have it, the summery of the season so far, I will have the weekend and predictions coming up in my weekly notes pack! Here’s to a good weekend coming up, and the rest of the CFL schedule!

Average Joe’s Notes


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