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PTSD Projects Canada – creating safe spaces to care and share with each other

Michelle Budiwski is joined by the founder of PTSD Projects Canada, Lou Savard to discuss his own journey of PTSD as a former member of both the Canadian Military and the RCMP and how his experiences inspired him to start one of the only nation-wide peer support groups for PTSD. Beyond crisis intervention and urgent […]

Going to Extremes

Originally published on on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 One of my favorite things to do when traveling (and I travel often) is to people watch. People fascinate me – how the dress, act, look, and interact with each other. On a recent trip I couldn’t help but notice a few things about the women […]

The anti-vax movement n our communities

My question for you… how will you explain your ‘choice’ to put other peoples lives at risk to the parents of a dead child or the child of a dead parent when your ‘choice’ infected them with a vaccine preventable disease? The anti-vax movement and their anti-science propaganda are putting lives at risk all because […]

Minor Hockey in the wake of #JessAllen and #DonCherry

@MichelleBudiwski is joined by @Colin Sundaynight a hockey dad, coach and broadcaster at CJAI Radio on Amherst Island to talk about the state of Minor Hockey, broadcasting and moving forward as positive role models in the aftermath of #DonCherry, #JessAllen and of course the changes to the league names. What roles and responsibilities do we […]

Domestic Violence and the death of Hunter Straight-Smith

On October 30, 2019 the news of an innocent 3 year old child being stabbed in his bed while he slept rocked the city of Winnipeg. He died three days later and as news of this horric crime came to light and the history of Intimate Partner Violence between the child’s mother and his killer […]

The Sins of Our Fathers

Originally published on on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 Recently I had the experience of spending 3 weeks on a vacation road trip with my mother – in my best recollections I think this was the most time we have ever spent in each other’s company since I left the womb. Was it a great, […]