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The Pro-Birthers Among Us!

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is how amazingly selfless some people are and how others – even those we thought of as caring compassionate human beings are willing to put their own beliefs and conveniences ahead of the health and welfare – even lives of others. The recent decision in Arkansas to […]

LOBSTERS! Everywhere!

We all have a choice on how we think, how we speak and how we treat others. Our attitudes are not byproducts of our circumstances – they are exactly what we make them to be, we have the power and yet do we use it wisely? If you seek the negative, you will find it. […]

Feed your Face, Nourish your Soul

Over the generations and even just in the past few years our relationship with food has changed. Instead of seeing food as a way of celebrating life, relationships, family, culture and community, we now too often see it as a nuisance and search for convivence, ease and speed rather than a way to connect to […]

Meditation & Mental Health

Does the word ‘meditation’ scare or confuse you? Do you go running from it like you just stumbled across a cultist commune? I know that if 19 years ago after a complete breakdown that left me institutionalized after surgeons fought to save my life if my doctor told me he was teaching me to meditate […]

Self or No Self? That is the Question.

Self or no self? That is the Question. In the translation of the Discourse on the Not Self, N.K.G Mendis reviews the Buddha’s thoughts on self – questioning where exactly it can be found: In the form? The Feelings? Perception? Mental Formations? Consciousness?  Leading to the question, If the self was found in any of […]

Dear Teachers…Godspeed

As schools across Canada and here in Manitoba look to reopen in just a few weeks, parents and teachers alike are expressing great concern over the government’s plan on educating through the #Covid19 pandemic. Many parents are looking at alternatives to public school, myself included and for our family, the government’s lack of response to safety and […]