Michelle Budiwski is a political and social activist in Western Manitoba with a multi-platform network consisting of radio, TV, internet and podcast venues dedicated to providing real and uncensored discussions on local, regional, national and global areas of concern and interest!

Her local ‘Real Westman’ channel on WcgTV, Facebook and Instagram helps local businesses, organizations and community groups raise awareness and fund throughout the Western Manitoba region and her national YouTube channel, and Podcasts on https://funetwork.tv with Steven Kerzner (aka Ed the Sock) bring a rural Manitoba perspective to issues impacting us from the rest of the country and around the globe.

An author, motivational speaker, mentor and instructor for adult education, Michelle is passionate about mental health, education, addictions and community activism. A self-proclaimed Serial Entrepreneur, Michelle has had 14 different start up companies in the past 25 years and now works to help other business owners and potential owners acknowledge and avoid some of the pitfalls she encountered along the way.

You can find her on www.kickfm.ca internet radio broadcasting Tuesday afternoons at 2:00pm or access her podcasts from the FuNetwork. If you are on facebook – you can follow her personally @michellebudiwski  or join in on the discussions @realwestman   Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Butterflymbca

Interested in learning what makes this mother of 4 tick? Read all about it in her book – Butterfly Dreams available for purchase or download here: https://chrysalispublications.ca/

If you live in the Westman Communications Region – you can watch her on Real Westman – WcgTv Channel 12: Tuesdays 1pm, Wednesdays 6:30pm, Thursdays 9:30am and Saturdays at 3!



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