Abortion – it’s NOT about Women’s Rights

Over the past few weeks I have shared a few different stories on the newly awakened abortion debate – mostly from the US as it returns to the dark ages led by a knuckle dragging barbarian but a few from Canada as well – mostly about protestors and what they can and can’t do while sharing their views on this pregnancy ending procedure.

Unlike many polarizing topics, most of these social media shares haven’t received a great deal of traction on my page – perhaps it is because most of my followers agree with my position on each but I doubt it. Like any of my 5 hot button topics (abortion, animal rights, money, parenting & religion) that people love to fight about passionately, I believe that most just keep their mouth shut and their keyboards closed because these discussions can turn personal and ugly quickly and no one likes that.

It’s unfortunate though because these are important issues that we SHOULD be able to discuss civilly. Without open discussion how can we other share our thoughts and hear others? How can we ever learn from other people’s experiences and if we an’t – how can we ever grow as individuals or as a society? We can’t. That’s why Real Westman exists – to create a safe platform for discussion of all topics – even the hard ones. And abortion is a hard one.

I know that not all of my followers have the same opinions and that is what makes them great – I know they don[t all agree with me – and that makes them even better! When I posted these articles on abortion laws being challenged in the US and protesters being ‘reigned in’ by the provincial government here in Manitoba – not many people commented – publicly, but a few reached out in private asking me to expand on my position so here it is…

Do I support legal access to safe medically provided and free abortions for women? Absolutely! But not for the reasons most people think. I won’t burn my bra screaming that no government has the right to tell me what I can do with my uterus or the contents within.

Abortion is NOT about Women’s Rights.

Let me repeat that. Abortion is NOT ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS.

We have that argument all wrong and it is where we lose perspective. Pregnancy, abortion, childbirth – it isn’t about his rights or her rights – we are so busy thinking about me, me me that we forget about what it is truly about..

A Child.

And this is where you are probably thinking that I am going to say that all children have the right to live and that abortion should be banned for eternity… nope. Scroll up. I clearly and absolutey publicly stated that “I support legal access to safe medically provided and free abortions for women”.


Because our society has a duty to protect children. We NEED to protect children and as a society we suck at it. Collectively.

Forcing a woman who does not want a child to have one?

Forcing a woman who cannot financially support a child to have one?

Forcing a woman who is not mentally or emotionally capable of raising a child to have one?

Forcing a woman in an abusive, addictive or neglectful environment to have a child she does not want?

Why the hell would we do that? Why would we force a child to be born into a resentful, unhealthy, unloving and potentially dangerous situation? Just to say that we saved a life? What happens after birth – where are the protestors then? Who is there to make sure that life that was forced is a safe, healthy and loving one? That’s right – the mother who if given the choice would not have continued the pregnancy to begin with.

Abortion is not about women’s rights. Abortion is about children’s rights – the right to be loved, cared for and wanted.

In a world at risk of over-population, of poverty and economic crisis – why would we demand the birth of more children into families that are not able to support them in every way they deserve to be supported?

I am a mother. I have 4 children, the first at the age of 20. Abortion has always been an option for me but no it was never considered. In fact I went the opposite way – two of my children were conceived through IVF at extreme emotional, physical and financial cost. And still I would never look down at a woman for choosing to abort an unwanted pregnancy. I would rather she do that than raise an unwanted child.

We need to stop looking at posters of unborn babies to motivate our political positions and start looking at the faces of the millions of unwanted children already on this planet. Want to protest something? Want to change a law – focus on the ones that allow those children to be neglected, sold, traded, abused, murdered… THAT is the cause should be getting our attention, abortion shouldn’t even be a question today.

~ Michelle Budiwski



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